Lost The Desire Altogether

by PJ Grube | January 1st, 2013

When I quit smoking within minutes the destructive physical addiction screamed for attention. Ten days later only the active mental addiction was screaming and social/behavioral triggers apparent, but negative and self-loathing thoughts filled my mind. Without help from the outside this addict’s insane mind prevails and the hope of staying stopped lost.
I know your pain. I quit over eight years ago cold turkey and have lost the desire to smoke altogether. Here is what I did:Fresh-Air
* Picked a date to quit.
* Made a list of all the people I knew that had quit.
* Bought a big bag of hard candies.
* Kept a liter of water with me at all times.
* Called the people on my list and asked them if I could call them for support.
* Resigned myself to the fact there would be a ten-day physical withdrawal period no matter how much I wanted to quit.
* Recognize the difference between physical withdrawal and mental obsession.
* Kept conscious (understood) why I wanted to smoke at any given urge to smoke (write it down).
Like any addiction we rarely see the goodness without it, until we get some distance from it.
Anybody can quit.
You’re welcome to call me anytime – (831) 345-2303.
Remember you must remove the drug from your system. No drugs… no back doors… no patches. Until the drug leaves your system you will have an itch… a physical irritant. After ten days the physical irritant is gone. Then it’s just a mind-f@-^…
* exercise
* have lots of sex
* eat good food
* drink lots of liquids
* give yourself a gift
Think of yourself as a NON-smoker…
Change the way you think of yourself… it will help
Ask for help from your list of people who quit.

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