The Ruling Cryptocracy

by PJ Grube | August 25th, 2013

In 1999 there was a major protest in Seattle against the World Trade Organization. The WTO’s drive to the bottom with trade agreements. Low estimates counted the protesting crowds at forty thousand plus. The general population realized, to late, that the WTO would rob them of their manufacturing jobs and agricultural workers saw the threat of unregulated food supply a danger. Low wages, no work place safety and a lack of pesticide regulations were the tip of the iceberg.
As the world witnessed ‘The Battle in Seattle’ more people became aware of the looming disaster the WTO would have on our economy. The ruling ‘Cryptocracy’ saw that the vail on their plan was rent and put into motion a much darker plan.
The major mistake of the anti-WTO movement was to turn their attention away from the singular focus of bringing down the WTO and fell head first into the trap set by the ‘911 Attacks’ and was co-opted by the anti-war movement. The entire anti-WTO effort was hobbled, branded unpatriotic and relegated to the fringe.
To cover the collapsing economy and job losses banks began loosening credit and giving away free money. You didn’t need a job or income. The general population could borrow years of salary on an ever inflating real estate market. Financialization funded the war, the inflated market blinded the population with easy money, plundering them and the US Government at the sometime with multi-trillions of additional debt.
Underneath it all, the ‘Patriot Act’ was robbing us of our civil liberties.
And here we are a society of fear – with an endless ‘War On Terror’.
Caution – If you speak up you might be considered a ‘Domestic Terrorist.’

A form of government where the real leaders are hidden, or merely unknown. Puppet government.
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