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These pages are an expansion of and Fresh Ground News™ ‘A Real Estate Journal.’

We are dedicated to providing understanding of our communities real estate market, how communities are affected by the market and conversely how our community can affect the market.

Perfect decisions are made with perfect knowledge. Seeing neither, our motto is – ‘Inform to Change™.’ We are primarily interested in our community’s ability to understand and influence the use of real estate in ways that better represent the people served by the community.

Rather than a few governing the direction of the many. Our goal is to inspire the many to govern. In doing so, our communities will reflect their true vibrant nature.

We desire to provide a complete Santa Cruz County community reference of real estate, commerce and community activities, haves and wants, through articles, posts, ads, forums, listings and directories.

This form of Fresh Ground News™ is the next step in that pursuit.

If you’re seeing this, we’re doing our job.™

PJ Grube Editor

Inform to Change ™
If you’re seeing this, we’re doing our job.™
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If you’re seeing this, we’re doing our job.™

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