Sidestep The Water Czars

by PJ Grube | August 2nd, 2014

Hi Folks,
With all the crazy talk by the ‘Water Czars’ I thought this might be a cool refreshing drink of information about ways to side-step their oppressive demands.
I personally am working to implement a number of these suggestions in order to continue my desire for an ‘Oasis’ in the land of a distribution failure by the powers that be.

Click on the link to download the 55 page Graywater Systems Manual:



2 Responses to “Sidestep The Water Czars”

  1. And with agriculture using the lions share of water I thought if they saved 20% that would represent most of what residential customers use, however when programs were put into place to create sustainable agriculture the farmers just planted more acres. In the years that we have had drought residential customers have stepped up to the plate and cut back, so much so there isn’t much they can do this time. I am not against agriculture, but if there is a fix to this problem a major portion is going to have to come from them. Bring back shower with your steady but more drip irrigation and water reuse is needed without more acres sucking up the savings. Ag has got to do their part.

  2. Great document–only grazed it! A big area for work is setting up toilets to use filtered grey water. It’s a big waste currently.

    But really, in California residential users make up only about 8% of water usage. Agriculture uses about 75% and business the rest.

    Clearly, water policy is developing too slowly compared to the threats to having suitable amounts of fresh water.

    Okay, so a great challenge ahead!

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